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Frisch Ecological Design offers a variety of Analysis, Design, Planning, and Installation services. We always look to maximize site potential while minimizing the impact on the land. 


& Analysis

Using our experience in natural systems and design we will help you get to know your property and its unique challenges and opportunities. We'll help you see patterns and possibilities appropriate that particular space and give you some ideas to work with. 
Services include: 
Quick Assessment & Sketches
Existing Conditions Maps 
Topographic Surveys
Slope and Drainage
Soil Testing
Comprehensive Analysis


Our designs emphasize the regeneration of ecological systems and habitat, and the creation of places that connect humans and nature. Sustainability is always at the forefront. We offer a variety of design and planning services to meet different needs including:
One-Day Designs
Design Details
Master Plans
Trail Planning
Habitat Restoration
Food Systems


We will install or oversee our designs to ensure their accuracy. We love when the client can be involved (even if it's just offering encouragement)  because we want them to know their new landscape. 
Creating habitat and food are also a passion of ours. From pollinator gardens and vegetable gardens to habitat restoration, we want to create a place where humans and nature can thrive together.
If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.
-Henry Ford


Working together is a great way to succeed. We enjoy working with people with different expertise, and value what they bring to the design process. 
We also love to share our knowledge in educational settings, especially in relation to climate change and what the average person can do to live a more sustainable life! Knowledge is power and understanding climate change is imperative to acting on it.
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