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Get to know your land! Any design begins with an analysis of a site that will vary depending on the needs of the project. Each site comes with a unique set of opportunities and solutions. Our goal is also to help people discover their property and what makes it unique and beautiful. 



Our designs emphasize the regeneration of ecological function, habitat, and the creation of places that connect humans and nature. Sustainability is always at the forefront. We offer a variety of design and planning services


We will install or oversee larger projects. We also love when the client can be involved (even if it's just offering encouragement)  because we want them to know their new landscape. 
Creating habitat and food are also a passion of ours. From pollinator and vegetable gardens to habitat restoration, we want to create a place where humans and nature can thrive together. 


Working together is a great way to succeed. We enjoy working with people with different expertise, and value what diverse viewpoints bring to the design process. 
We also love to share our knowledge in educational settings, especially in relation to climate change and what the average person can do to live a more sustainable life! 


Frisch Ecological Design works throughout the Rochester and Genesee Valley Region to connect people to their land through thoughtful design and planning. A whole-system approach integrates humans and nature to create landscapes that regenerate, restore, and steward the natural world. Landscapes can be beautiful and functional meeting our needs for food, water, and refuge.
Frisch Ecological Design
Rochester, NY

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